Clark Communications works closely with clients, integrating marketing objectives and goals into the media
planning process for optimal results.

The Clark Communications Process


 Define Target Audience

Demographics needed include gender, age, geographic footprint, income, and education levels.
This will help to confirm the target’s media habits on a daily basis.


 Identify Media

Research key publications, TV, Radio, newspaper, outdoor, transit, and online based on demographics, seasonality, and budget.         


 Explore Added-value

From premium positioning and color to promotions and website opportunities.


 Negotiate Rate

Many years of experience working in multiple markets and close relationships with reps results
in optimal rates and excellent placement.


 Place Media Plan

Prepare and distribute insertion orders and traffic instructions


 Maintain Media Plan

Monitor and update schedules. Stay on top of deadlines and ensure correct placements and rates.


A MEDIA minded company.
Innovative. Strategic.Respected.


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